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Presentations / Shows

The educational animal presentation program consists of thirty five minute performances with audience involvement, featuring multiple animals for each presentation. The length of the program can be adjusted to your school's needs. During the presentation focus is placed on educating and entertaining the students and staff in areas such as: Science, Math, Ecology, Nature, habitats of the animals, human impact on the animal's habitats, character building, respect for each other and the wildlife and the importance of knowing and understanding exotic animals.

Educational Staff

David Stewart works with live native and exotic animals in a wide range of species and sizes, from the smaller lizards and snakes to the larger mammals. He has over twenty years of experience training and handling of animals. David is a former Park Ranger with the National Park Service charged with protecting the national's heritage and wildlife and continues this love of wildlife and teaching with Animal Alley Productions. David has produced Animal Alley for over a decade presenting to hundreds of thousands of school students and adults each year. He is an experienced animal exhibitor and lively speaker, bringing his unique insights in fun, entertaining presentations thru his live experiences and stories

Presentation Benefits

Animal Alley Productions interactive educational presentations feature:

  • These programs help teach aspects of the Common Core Curriculum Standards
  • A “hands-on” experience for people of all ages, featuring the world's most beautiful and unusual animals.
  • Our exciting zoo-quality displays can include up to 30 different varieties of animals.
  • See “show-stoppers” such as alligators, parrots, pythons, Coatimundis, and many other fascinating critters to mention just a few
  • Educational interactive stage shows
  • Multiple shows thru-out the day to ensure smaller audience sizes
  • A presentation that the students and staff will talk about and remember for years

Meet some of the most amazing live animals you have ever seen!

Animal Alley Productions has taught Character Building and entertained at schools from coast to coast and events ranging huge State Fairs and large school assemblies to various events down to small classroom size events. Animal Alley Productions has been broadcast on some of the nation's finest programs: ABC, NBC, Fox, Cornerstone Television, The Morning Show with Amy and Steve, Time Warner Television, various radio programs, plus many more.

 Featuring over 100 live animals, representing many exotic species, we are home to some of most unique and beautiful creatures of the world.





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Animal Alley Productions Presentations are perfect for smaller to larger schools. The programs are designed for the students education, enjoyment and safety, as well as the animal's comfort, well-being and safety. The animals are housed and displayed in newly built habitats which feature informational fact sheets providing the students with information about each animal on that species of animal being displayed. A evening program for the public can be provided if requested. In order to provide a superior program to the audience throughout the day we have “Hands On” experiences for the attendees of the event.


Educational Animals

Many of Animal Alley Production's educational animals have been donated by zoos, wildlife centers, the television show, “ Animal Cops ” and individuals from around the country.

The animals are worked with on a daily basis for years in order for them to be used and trained to educate as charismatic ambassadors of their species and the environments they inhabit.


Presentation Requirements

  • Indoor
  • stage
  • multimedia with sound system
  • Double doors for moving the larger habitats

Tax Exempt

Animal Alley Productions is a tax exempt foundation so your school and/or PTA can find a sponsor for this program if they wish

Multiple School Discount

If multiple schools in the nearby area are arranged on subsequent days the multiple school discount will be applied


Planning your School's next Special Event and looking for an Exciting Program that uses Live Exotic Animals to teach Science, Math, Ecology, Nature, Common Core Curriculum Standards and Character Building with a hands on approach!

Your #1 Exotic Animal Presentation that teaches Character building

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All displays and presentations are interactive shows using live exotic animals so bring your cameras!


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Animal Alley Productions travels throughout the beautiful United States 364 days a year.

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Presentations are fun, educational and humor filled! 


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