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WMHK Radio / Columbia International University Open House

Being able to pet the alligators and the ball python did more than make his day. He was so excited. Thank you for being so patient with children like my son. Seeing those animals up close and especially getting to touch them was like a dream come true.

Kathy Boone


Thank you for coming to our class room to show us your wonderful animals. I learned alot about the animals like the flying squirial.It really doesn't fly, it only glides. I think the prairie dog is very big. I liked all the animals.


I was shocked by all the animals you had.


Thank you for coming to our school and teaching us about exotic animals. You taught me how your gecko drinks water on the side of the glass instead of drinking out of a cup.


Thank you. I didn,t know there was such a thing as a soft shell turtle


Thank you for the animal presentation. I thought all turtles had hard shells


Thank you for coming to my classroom. You and your children and your animals we a blast. I liked all the animals you brought in. Thanks again for coming to my classroom. I learned that all turtles don't have hard shells. I also learned that praire dogs aren't really dogs. The prairie dogs barks like a dog.


I liked all the animals you brought in. My favorite was the Hedgehog. I learned the Hedgehog has a soft belly. I like when it rolls up into a ball. Please come again


I was fascinated by the animals, especially the gecko.


I like the prairie dog the most. It was so cute.


I want to thank you for bringing in the animals. The best one was the praire dog because he was really cool.


I learned that a hedgehog curls into a ball.


I liked the praire dog the best. I learned how it makes it self and other prairie dogs home. He was really cute. Thanks alot


Thanks for coming to our school it present your wild animals. I think all your animals are cool!


Thank you for the animal presentation. I liked the flying squirrel the best he was doing flips in the cage.


Thank you for the wonderful animal presentation! I remember alot about the animals and what kinds you brought to school. I learned the difference between a turtle and tortoise, the turtles live in water and tortoises live out of water. I thought that was really cool. If you don't mind and have some time maybe you could show us somemore of your animals in another presentation.


I am very pleased that you brought in all of the animals. They were great! My favorite animal was the gecko I also liked the prairie dogs. They were very cute.


Thank you for coming to our classroom to show us the animals. It was very excited and it was very nice of you to come and teach us about the different animals. I thought the the hedgehog was cute when it walked. It's quills were very interesting to learn about. At first I thought it was a porcupine. I found out I was wrong.


I liked your presentation with all your animals. It was fun to see the iguana, hedgehog and gecko. The were my favorite.


I learned alot about the animals you brought in. I liked the hedgehog the best out of all the animals. I learned it waddles from side to side. I also learned when the hedgehog gets scared he curls up into a ball and his spikes come out.


The animals were really cool. My favorites were the hedgehog, the prairie dog, the flying squirrel and the chinchilla. I learned that a hedgehog is not as much like a porcupine as I thought. I really hope you can come again.


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